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The last time we heard from the poppets, they were in California meeting Captain Bob and his charming wife Rose.  Well, after riding on the back of a dolphin for a while, they found a suitable ship to take them north. 

Stephen was particularly pleased.

"Stephen, is it really safe to travel with all these animals aboard?"

(This Noah's Ark lamp used to be in my brothers' bedroom.  I didn't even know my sister had it, and I was pleased to be unexpectedly reunited with an artifact from my childhood there in my niece's bedroom where I was sleeping.  I always loved that lamp.)

And so, northwards they went, first to Fairbanks and then to Eagle (where they visited the monument to a great man of the sea.)

Stephen was delighted by the diverse arctic flora.

"Hurry up, Stephen.  The sun is sinking low.  We'll freeze if we're caught out here after dark."

"But Jack, look at this beautiful specimen!  A flowering shrub in the midst of all this frozen tundra."

"Have you ever seen such a remarkable tree, Jack?"
"Hmm... it's a bit prickly.  Is it hard to eradicate?"
"I do not know.  The spines are rather sharp..."

"Now Stephen, it's a bit windy today so clap on and - Stephen!  This is no time to be making snow angels!  You'll catch your death!"
"I am not making snow angels."
"Do you need assistance, brother?"
"I do not."

Poor Stephen!

He was immediately carried home to safety and warmth.

Safe and sound at home again.  Or at the Eagle motel again.

Back in Fairbanks, Jack and Stephen were invited to the house of a man who loves historic warfare.

"When I give the signal, fire!"
"Jack, is all this shooting and firing truly necessary, for all love?  There's a large cat somewhere about, and I would hate for the noise to frighten it away before I could study it."

Jack attempts to explain gunnery to Stephen, but the doctor is distracted.  Was that a meow?

"What do you see up there?"
"Come up, Stephen! You're not afraid?"
"Not I. I shall be up... in just a moment.  Just as soon as I find the stairs."

"Wonderful view, ain't it?"
"Yes, I am - gasp - pant - sure that it is."

"Stephen, you should come up!  The view is magnificent!"
"Thank you, but no.  I shall stay here and view it from the safety of my perch."

And so they travel on, through bitter cold, facing impossible obstacles...

But together, they will prevail!

Stay tuned...

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