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I made a bookcase for Stephen's dispensary (which features so prominently in the "Sir!  Sir, it's Mister Hollom!" scene and elsewhere...  What, you've never noticed it?) as well as a random jar of marmalade for him to breakfast upon.

I also adapted an old shelf/dresser thing that I've had since childhood in my old dollhouse, but I never quite liked it.  However, I found that it fits perfectly in the low-ceilinged sick bay, so I decided to use it there with some adaptations.  I think it just may be the only thing that comes from my original collection of miniatures!  Mostly because none of those things are good enough for Jack and Stephen.


Bookcase in progress

The shelf with the rail below is to hold his largest bottles that won't fit on regular shelves.  The rail is to keep them from falling out or over in a heavy sea (which is also the reason for doors on the bookcase, I imagine.)  Really I had no idea what was below the bookcase (even after poring over countless screencaps and adjusting the brightness and contrast to TRY to see what it was), so I decided just to invent a shelf for big bottles.  Because it was easy and because I'm kind of lazy and because I really didn't want to have to make more books than absolutely necessary.  (Why does Stephen have to have so many books in his dispensary???)  So far I've made 3 books.  Phew.

Here's the beginning of the breakfast stuff, with the marmalade.  (I keep wanting to type marmelade, which Wikipedia tells me is the name of a town in Haiti and a misspelling of marmalade.  I think I must have been spelling it wrong all these years!)

I made the jar out of some tubing and jewelry findings, and the marmalade itself out of Realistic Water and some shavings of an orange plastic prescription bottle.

Here's the old dresser shelf thing.

So I ripped off all the fronts of the drawers and made new ones, as well as removing most of the varnish and also some of the stain in the lower portion, because I expect it's gotten wet several times in its life.  Probably not submerged in standing water, but what with leaky walls and all, and the sickbay being located right at the stern where the ship goes crashing forward into the waves, I expect it gets wet sometimes.  And I dirtied and scratched it up too.

I don't know what he'll put in there.  Bandages and lint, non-precious things.

And just for curiosity of how it would look, I took this picture of a view out their window.  (I set the roombox up in front of my computer screen.)  "There's the Acheron, and - hey wait a minute, that's us over there!"

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