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General Sir Arthur Wellesley, Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington, who of course belongs now and always to [personal profile] latin_cat .

Decorated with the star of the Order of the Bath.

"I seem to have dropped my hat."

"Hey, I found a hat here!  Anybody lose a hat?"

And now, some comical moments from the life of Poppet Wellington.

First, animal encounters.

Wellington has a flavor.  (This reminds me uncomfortably of The Terror...)

Nemo approves.

Gianni wonders if it would be politic to approach and introduce himself.

But one cannot approach a cat, of course.  Gianni makes his move.  The duke is pleased to make his acquaintance.

Posing for a photo shoot...

Uhhhh, keep very still, Sir Arthur, sir...  Don't move, don't turn around!

"Don't tell me..."

"He's right behind me, isn't he?"

Just keep still!  With any luck he'll sniff right past and keep going...!

Yeah, don't mind us.  We're just doing a photo shoot.  You're not blocking our view at all.

Nemo loves small lightweight things, and he couldn't help but notice that a little poppet had a paper hat that kept falling off.  I thought that if I let him sniff and examine it thoughtfully, he might not take such a keen interest.


Fortunately, both the hat and Wellington survived unscathed.  Nice kitty.


Wellesley meets Jack Aubrey

"Sir Arthur, allow me to name my particular friend, Stephen Maturin, surgeon aboard the Surprise."

Next came the introduction of the wives.  The General seemed to know Diana already.

But when it was Sophie's turn to be introduced, Jack seemed to cry in a possessive rather than introductory phrase, "That's my wife!" and lunged forward, knocking the company off their feet.

Reeling in a drunken stupor, Jack was no help at all.  In an odd twist of events, Stephen was left the last man standing.

It was obvious that there would be no more photographs that night.  Sir Arthur had already demonstrated a dislike for having his portrait made, and neither of the officers could be persuaded to cooperate again, either with the photographer or each other.

Diana, however, was only too pleased to show off her new lustrous skirt.


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