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I've made a new poppet for a friend. He's a mid-18th century British marine corporal and his name is McIntyre. I love him and think he's heart-snatchingly handsome and possibly my finest poppet yet (though still imperfect).

Now before you get upset, let me say that yes, his shoulder knot is in the wrong shoulder in some of these photos, but I fixed it. Don't worry. And secondly, the leather of his cartridge pouch got more smushed than I expected, so it turned out a lot flatter and thinner than I thought it would be. But we can pretend it's his purse. I'm hoping he will be making an overseas trip soon, and it's better to have a handy document pouch for one's passport and tickets than to try bringing a pouch full of cartridges on board a plane. A document pouch is very sensible. Plus he can keep a snack in there, maybe a small book, keys and phone, chapstick.

Ok? Now we can all relax and get back to enjoying the show. Nice purse, corp!

Sir, will you please remove your hand luggage, hat, and any weapons you may be carrying.

He's got red hair (with a slight tendency to curl, so I'm told). I'm really proud of his red slightly curling hair.

Please come with me, sir.

Is it just me, or does he just take your breath away?

There we go. Now that shoulder knot is where it should be.

By the way, I'm in love with Golden liquid acrylics. Even if I got the red stuff everywhere, including my hair and McIntyre's face. (McIntyre, I'm sorry I called you all those mean names. It wasn't your fault.) But oh, that glorious paint!!!!!! It handles beautifully. I will never buy cheap paint again.

The end. Safe journeys and Godspeed, little poppet!
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