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Lots of various things, for my polar hut and for selling in my Etsy shop.


I'm still hooked on enamel so I've been making lots of things.
Smaller funnels:

Lots of dishes:


More cups

And non-enamel things too.  Aged, distressed copper pans and rugged farmhouse kitchen tables

More mugs made with bullet casings, now in unpainted brass.

Also dirty old metal wash tubs

And I almost forgot!  Something for Stephen Maturin, a metal bleeding bowl.

It fits right in with his sick berth items.

For my polar hut, some big rusty fuel drums.  I've been working on my rust-simulating techniques which is a lot of fun.  I'm also proud that I made these from pieces of a metal cart that someone was throwing away.  I was able to cut the metal tube with my Dremel.  I'm also learning to solder, and now the world is full of metallic possibilities!

I was commissioned to make a couple of bonnets, which I had gotten away from for a while.  Now I'm getting back into the swing of things, bonnet-wise (and you, Certain Dear Reader Who Commissioned One Also, will be getting yours soon).  But first, I was asked to make this one, similar to one I'd made previously for a slightly larger doll.

I must say, I love the brown velvet, and the rosy silk ribbons with it.  I love velvet.  And I love ribbon.

I was also commissioned to make some books which I had gotten away from in my enamel craze.  They're going to be sold by my favorite online miniature store!  I'll post a link when they're up.  Does that mean I can call myself a professional miniaturist?  And soon I'll have some more books up in my Etsy shop too.

Also in my Etsy shop I'm accepting a commission for one more Jane Austen table and chair.  Expensive, I know, because it's a lot of work.  But it does turn out to be a rather lovely set.

And my tiny bone collection has been featured in 26 treasuries on Etsy!  I'm amazed.  I hope it will get to the front page!  It seems to have attracted the notice of a few of the "in" crowd in people who make treasuries, which is quite flattering and astonishing.  Of course, they haven't bought it yet, but that's understandable.  It's kind of pricey because it's very fiddly to make.  But I'm glad so many people like it.  I wonder if I should stop listing the treasuries its been in.  My items often get featured in one or two treasuries so I'll list them in the description, but maybe that one looks silly with that long long list.  But I like keeping track of them for myself, anyway.

The end, for now.

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