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Say, [personal profile] esteven, did your bears ever get their cello and violin, respectively?  I've been looking on ebay at dollhouse sized ones...  Did you see the amazing $400 violin for a dollhouse that I linked to last week?  It's incredible.  I certainly couldn't make such an exquisite tiny violin for $400.  (Though the bow is kind of funny looking.  But many of the miniature bows are, I'm finding.)  But they're all so CUTE!  I can't wait to get my own and hold them in my hands.  I've always had a funny kind of enamored-ness (is there a noun in there somewhere?) with musical instruments as physical objects, especially the stringed ones.  I have a similar enamored-ness with toe shoes as objects.  And opera singers' throats as objects.  (Just kidding about that one.  Yeah...)  Anyway, I think I might get this cello off of ebay.

You know, I think it's actually my poppets who are whispering these things to me, about making these roomboxes and buying musical instruments and the like!!!  Here I was thinking all along, "No, nobody's going to inhabit these little spaces.  That just wouldn't be quite right.  I'll just furnish and decorate them as if the people have just stepped out for a moment."  But I think my poppets are planning to sneak in there at night and live it up, dissecting little fish or eating weevil-infested hard tack - and now they want MUSIC too!  How did I never suspect this before???

And if that's the case, then who's been whispering to me to buy miniature silver...?  *looks around uneasily for a poppet Killick*  And what are Sophie and Diana poppets going to demand?
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