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For your amusement, here are some other random miniatures that I'm currently in love with.  They're not going anywhere though (they're flightless), so I'll probably buy them later when the time is right.

Fancy silver toast rack from Kerbey Lane Miniatures.  "I smell coffee, toast!"

Coping saw from Kerbey Lane Miniatures (again with the saws!  Why do I LOVE these bone saws?  Plus I'm so enamored with my own little bone saw.  And when my local dollhouse store closed, I bought nearly all of their saws so I could distress them and reshape them and maybe sell them in surgical sets, maybe, eventually... plus lots and lots of little knives too.)

Sterling silver tweezers by Taller Targioni

I revere Taller Targioni, but nearly everything they make is out of my price range.  These are one thing that I could afford, and it would be lovely just to have one of their items in my collection.  (Other items I love - the pistol in a box, the various mineral and butterfly cabinets (I keep imagining that I want to make a Joseph Blaine roombox, or wealthy-Stephen's-house-of-dreams naturalist abode...) and this wash stand is almost exactly like something movie!Stephen has in his dispensary with the microscope sitting on it (oddly enough).  (Can you tell that I have obsessively pored over screencaps to identify every article in that room?)  And perhaps best of all - or competing with the butterfly cabinets - I adore this simple, beautiful, perfect chair.  I adore its simplicity and cleanness. 

Cristina Noriega is the miniaturist I most admire, I think, and then probably Taller Targioni second.  But then, Cristina's things are so very  expensive and superb that it's almost like she's a one-of-a-kind artist and not a seller, to me.  She's amazing!  So if Taller Targioni is my favorite seller, then Nantasy Fantasy is close second.  They made my fabulous scales, and I'm very proud to own them.  I also love their very fine sextant!  But at $167, heh, that's just wishfulness.  There are much less expensive sextants around, and I'll be perfectly happy with one of them, truly.  And now this wish list is drifting away from the probable and possible into the wishful.

But while we're there...

Anyone got a spare $610 for Killick?
I love SP Miniatures.  (Remember them, [personal profile] alto2? :D)  Maybe I can get it engraved to say that the Lively preserves the liveliest remembrance.

ETA:  I almost forgot, this cello by Heidi Ott.  It's the most accurate 1:12 cello I've found (so many claim to be 1:12 but are really much too big), so I plan on getting it as soon as the great cabin is ready for it.

ETA again:  Forgot something else!  Also from SP Miniatures!  New!  Beautiful glass carboys (demijohns) which can be filled with laudanum.

There's even another miniaturist who makes wicker coverings for them!  But they're really expensive.  I'll be happy with a plain carboy.  Maybe in amber.  Or green.  Hmm.
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