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I've been working on furnishing my miniature polar explorers' hut, and some other things.  I've also been featured in a magazine!


Did I post my long mess table before?  I can't remember.  Now I know you're going to say, "But Grace, the table at Cape Evans is brown, and the table at Cape Royds was made from Venesta cases."  (Actually you're probably not going to say that, but I love it in the Aubreyad where Jack will say such things to Stephen, showing him some wonder of rigging the sails and assuming that Stephen has enough nautical knowledge to protest its efficacy.)  But, dear reader, the table at Cape Adare is white.  (Ha!  I bet you didn't expect that!)  And, well, this table ended up being cream, but it's in homage to Borchgrevink's table because I like it.

And now I know you're going to say "But Grace, the legs are all wrong for a Cape Adare style table."  But don't worry.  I reshaped them.  I'm happier with the way they are now.  (And I hope you're not going to say they're STILL wrong, because I do not have a lathe or the ability to make wood turnings at home.  I carved those ends by hand, and it was difficult to do because the wood was splitting.)

I also made a cook's table, based on Clissold's table at Cape Evans, which I love.  This was when I first made it.

And this was after I distressed it.  I love giving my miniatures a look of age and use.  I love my Clissold table.

I didn't exactly make this, but I bought a plain pewter typewriter (after searching around for just the right style) and painted it and added the sheet of paper, which was quite a fiddly feat.  It's based on Apsley Cherry-Garrard's typewriter.

One of my Etsy miniaturist friends is signea (Signe Alvarstein) from Tromsø, Norway, gateway to the arctic ocean.  I think she's the only other person I know who is interested in miniatures AND polar exploration history!  She usually works in 1:48 (quarter inch) scale, but she and I decided to attempt each other's scales and do a swap.  She made me these beautiful little bottles for my hut!  They're made of resin, some with labels she copied from images of the bottles in Shackleton's hut at Cape Royds.  I love them!  Bottles are probably my greatest miniature weakness (though I'm also very particular about them.)

Exquisite!  Ack, I'm almost jealous of MYSELF for owning them.  I love them.

In exchange, I made her some tiny tiny 1:48 books.  Wow.  I had never worked in that scale before.  It is tiny.  

I also made my first 1:24 or half inch scale books.  Also tiny.  After making them, 1:12 felt so easy.

For comparison, these are some of my normal 1:12 books.  (Some are still available in my Etsy shop, honeyandbee!)

Also in my Etsy shop is this table that I finished last night.  I had so much fun making the Clissold table that I decided to make another similar one to sell, but I wanted a shelf for storing things underneath.  I really love how it turned out.

I love making these messes.

The good thing about making and selling things that you love is that if nobody buys them, you can enjoy keeping them.

Pictured are also the fruits by Kiva Atkinson which I featured here before, and tiny glass bottles (bottles!) by PD Hartman of Etsy in a crate made by me.  (Plus some of my copper pans that I've been aging with various chemicals.  Chemicals are fun!)

Lastly, my miniatures were featured in Little Thing Magazine in China!  A writer found my pictures online and interviewed me for an article.  I don't know what it says, but I'm quite proud.  This is the first time my miniatures have been in a magazine!  Anyone care to translate for me?

Click for bigger images.

It's kind of funny to look at the text and see ".....Grace..... dollhouse.... Grace..............Patrick O'Brian...... box.....Grace......Jack Aubrey's......Grace......dollhouse......Grace......Aubrey-Maturin.......Grace."

They copied pictures of some items NOT made by me, like the magnificent Stokesay Ware china and the Nantasy Fantasy scales.  They just chose favorite images from my Flickr, and my pictures there are all well captioned for things not made by me, so I hope they attributed them correctly. 

I love that they used the picture of my mom and her dollhouse.  It was made by her grandfather, and later my sisters and I grew up playing with it, which is how I became the miniaturist I am today.  Now my nieces have it.  It's a family treasure!


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