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Various minis

After being horribly sick for several weeks, I've finally picked up on miniatures again and have almost caught up with my to-do list.  Almost. 

Most of these are available at my Etsy.


Pans and rolling pin in my favorite color, turquoise.

More rolling pins

Inkwell and books

Chamber pot - why not?

And for my polar hut, some "stoneware" jars and some candlesticks.  Shackleton's packing list for Cape Royds included enamel candlesticks, so I've painted one, but I rather like the others the way they are.  I made them from old big rusty tacks.  I pulled them off the bottom of some piece of furniture and never threw them away, thinking I'd turn them into something eventually.  I'm quite a pack-rat miniaturist.  I save the strangest things.  I've done that all my life, turn strange scraps of trash into miniatures.

The jars are like ones I've seen pictures of in all the huts.  I've actually commissioned a couple of nice bigger pottery ones, but I decided to give it a try painting little glass bottles to look like pottery, since I realized the glass bottles were just the right shape.  It was fun and worked pretty well after layers of matte and glossy glazes.  Well enough for them to blend in in a shadowy shelf behind other bottles and tins of food or chemicals.

I might keep some chamber pots too.  Did they use chamber pots in the polar huts?  I actually don't know what they did.  Shackleton's list of supplies doesn't mention chamber pots, so maybe my inclusion of them would be apocryphal.  Did they have an outhouse outside, or a hole in the stables?  What if there was a blizzard?  

Wait a minute, I think I remember reading about a latrine somewhere.  Where is the latrine?  I must find that out.

But I wanted to make enameled chamber pots anyway after rewatching the Edwardian Manor House.
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[personal profile] sharpiefan 2011-04-08 06:07 pm (UTC)(link)
I've said it before and I'll say it again: I am IN AWE of your skills and the things you produce. They're all amazing - absolutely incredible.