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The poppets and I have been away!  But at last we are back from our various adventures.  


First, some adventures in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Stephen dragged Jack to the prehistoric zoo, aka the Natural History Museum.

Stephen was happy to show Jack an ancient tortoise.

As always, Stephen made some friends.

All animals love Stephen.

Jack also attracted friends, much to his alarm.

Some of the walking was a bit precarious.

But Stephen insisted it was perfectly safe.

Jack had trouble believing him.

Jack much preferred the archaeology museum.

They visited a temple.

And the friends they made were very quiet.

And now, some adventures in Massachusetts.

The poppets and I enjoyed a moot/reunion with friends at Old Sturbridge Village.  Here are McIntyre, Stephen, Jack, Kerjean, Polly and Christian, cooling off in a kiln.

McIntyre enjoyed the blacksmith shop.

That proprietary look that says "I made this."

He thinks he owns the place, pretty much.

Hanging around on a ball of string.  Jack and marine McIntyre, being used to climbing the rigging, had no difficulty.  Stephen had a bit more.

There were lots of French about the place, making Kerjean feel patriotic.

Christian and McIntyre were happy to find a cannon their size.

Christian and Polly had a pleasant reunion.  She was probably frightened of all the booming cannons and such.  Good thing he was there to reassure her.

They rounded out the visit with some fife and drum music.

Then they went home and watched McIntyre get wasted on Mountain Dew.

After saying goodbye to their poppet friends, Jack and Stephen met up with another young friend, Marlowe, who gave them a ride in a cacao pod boat...

And taught them a new dance.

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