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Honey and Bee ([personal profile] nid_dabeille) wrote2013-09-23 08:14 pm


Now I have the underside of a roof!


It's going to be a thatched roof, so I did research on the way they really thatched their roofs (rooves?) in the Hebrides.  Trees don't grow very well in those outer islands, so my people are using minimal amounts of wood supplemented with rope made of heather.  (Well, mine isn't made of heather, but theirs would be.)  The thatch would go on over that, so I just have the texture to show the underside of the thatch.  I'll be thatching the outside of the roof later.

A last look at the wide open spaces before I glued in the divider wall.

I added beams that came out into the house opening too, and tied them off with heather rope as well.

And I added cross members, one of which has a chain that will hang over the fire.

My work is always subject to cat inspections

Some closer than others!

Speaking of fires, as I was doing a few minutes ago, my island crofters will burn peat fires in the middle of the floor from peat they cut themselves directly from the ground.  I made a load of peat slabs for the purpose and loaded up my fabulous wheelbarrow (by Sir Thomas Thumb.)