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I finished my blackhouse (crofter's cottage) last month in time to enter it in a competition, but then I immediately turned my attentions to Christmas and never got around to posting the finished pictures here.  (I won't know the results of the competition until February.  I hope I'll win something!)

So here it is, finished at last.


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 I've finished my outer walls and almost finished thatching my roof!  And I made a box bed.


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Sep. 23rd, 2013 08:14 pm
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Now I have the underside of a roof!


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I have more walls and floors!  And even doors!


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I have walls!  And floors!  And a very silly cat.  Gianni refused to get out of the way for pictures.  I love the first one.  He was playing with a little plant seed or something.

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Here are just a couple of the preliminary furnishings I've acquired for the little blackhouse, even though it's not ready yet.  

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Once again, gasp, such a long time between posts! But I've been busy working away at things. I got distracted a bit from miniatures by quilting (my other great hobby love) and gardening (my OTHER great hobby love) and reading (ok, probably my greatest hobby love) and various other things.

But my mind is always stewing in miniature juices, even if only on a back burner, and this is a project that I've been thinking of for about 12 years, ever since I first visited the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, Lewis, Harris and also Skye. Oh, so beautiful!!! And a year later, I got to visit them again on a naturalist and historic cruise, including even St. Kilda (which is such a precious jewel of a place) and also Orkney, Fair Isle and Shetland! I fell in love with the history of those islands, and I dreamed that one day I would make a little Scottish islander's croft house, with stone walls and a thatched roof. In Lewis especially there were many old blackhouses that fascinated and enamored me.

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