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beautiful hacksaw...

There's a seller on ebay, ulusminiaturas, that sells the most remarkable miniature tools and commonplace metal objects - battered kettles, measuring tapes...  They're just extremely, remarkably detailed, real works of art.  And every now and then they'll post one of these, and I just drool.  As I was looking at it just now, I realized that I was speaking aloud and saying "Beauuuutiful hacksaw.  That's just gorgeous."  (Think of whipping off a leg with that!)

Be still, my beating heart...!


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That is amazing! How do they make it so tiny?
I must say, for being an amputation saw, it is really cute - heehee!

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I know, I know, I know!!!!! *loves*
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The white tea cattle and the kitchen tools (they seem to include a fish slice) look perfect for Killick. ;D

...and, did you buy the saw?

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The battered old looking kettle? I love those aged kettles! So perfect! (And you know how I like distressed-looking minis!) I didn't notice a fish slice, but I was also very enamored with the compass ( for Jack. Not a very good photo, but I know it would be just as perfect as their other items.

I didn't buy the saw, no... But they continue making and posting them, so maybe I'll get it later when my roomboxes are more finished. It's such a lovely creature. :D I have a whole list of things I want, eventually! But it's funny, I'm always magnetically attracted to saws, and saws are something that usually don't get much lovingly detailed attention (which is why I had to adapt mine a lot). I think I probably will get this saw ( though, since it's quite inexpensive and nice, though I must check my historic sources to see if it's really appropriate for Stephen.

SAWS! &hearts
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That saw is really very pretty, but it does look a bit modern.

Wish you joy of finding something appropriate though

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I don't know, though - saws haven't changed very much. I'll look up some saws on Alex Peck ( in a minute. Right now I'm compiling a picture-list to show you all of some of my other favorites. :D General favorites, I mean, not just saws.

But back to Killick, I keep thinking of Killick (and you, for some reason - I mean, in connection to Killick) when I see amazing silver miniatures, and there are actually quite a lot out there. Mini Killick's world would be soooo expensive! Take a look at some of this silver! ( This "silent butler" ( reminds me of his toasted cheese cooker, though apparently this is a tool for collecting cigarette ashes. And this tea kettle ( is the closest I've seen to the type in the movie. Only $610! Though this one ( is also quite similar to the movie version, and it's a bargain at $205! I could get an extra pair and wear them as earrings!

Say, don't you need a Killick bear to look after your boys?
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Oh, miniature Killick would be thrilled to bits and pieces about the wonderful silver. :D The prices are steep, though thinking of the size and the details they are deserved. (But well beyond my means).

A Killick bear? I wouldn't know how he should look? No more than 8" (my Jack is 10")and lean, not at all bear like. Now book!Bonden bear would be up to 9" and as wide as Jack. *g*

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Aww, I was recently rereading about Padeen's hand injury, and how he was weeping in pain and Bonden reached up to wipe the tears off of his face, since Padeen was so much taller than him. Such a sweet mental image, dear "short" Bonden, even though he's so big himself. (Though surely not as WIDE as Jack!) But I'm sure they do make long, lean Killickbears!

Did you ever get glasses for Stephen bear? I wish I could make some for him - I love giving Stephens little gifts - but I don't know how I could do lenses. My watery dollhouse lens stuff only works for tiny things. You WILL be bringing them to UNOPOBL, yes? And I'll bring my poppets! And they can finally meet!
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The bears (Jack, Stephen, George and Brigid) will come with me. :D

I'm afraid, Stephen still has no proper glasses. Haven't found the right ones. I'll rather bend wire than buy a not quite right pair.

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Tell me again his head and eye measurements? I know I've asked before, but maybe I can make something for him. Or I could make a few different pairs and bring them with me. I would offer to bring my wire and wire clippers, but I don't know how well the airlines would like that. :P

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I think I recognize the little saw blade, goldsmiths use those to cut the metals.
(We made our wedding rings ourselves, the horror the horror.)

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You made them yourselves??? By your own hands? Amazing!!! ("I do this with my own hand...")

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It was my husband's idea, he is the do-it-yourself type. I was pretty much angry and overstrained most of the time because it was so hard to do and it took so long. But now they're done and all is well, everyone says they look good. (Maybe they don't dare to say anything else)

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I'm sure they do look good. Did either of you have any metalworking or jeweler's experience before? Where did you get the metal?

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Experience? None at all.
You have a goldsmith supervising what you do. Who drives you insane by always saying: "Now saw reeeeeaaaal straight and don't mess this up und oh oh you're going to overheat it any second in fact right now..."
We almost had them done once and then they were all of a sudden both too big.

The jeweller buys the metal as raw material. There are a handful of firms who recycle old gold and silver or other metals and sell the metal in flat plates between 0,5 and 2,5 milimeters thick. It's funny to look at the tiny piece of gold that your 300 €uros will buy

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Wow! Sounds nerve-wracking! But at least you can always melt it down and start over (I assume?)

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Ooooooh! I LOVE their stuff!

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ME TOO! Have you seen it before? It's so fabulous. I don't own any though. I haven't yet worked up the gumption to buy such an expensive but small accessory, though I know it's totally worth it. Maybe when I get my roomboxes more settled and finished...

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:O I'm also thinkin' it'll make a cool necklace/bracelet

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Haha! I have actually considered that, with some of my own surgical tools. And going the opposite way, taking charms and pendants from jewelry and turning them into dollhouse accessories.