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Updates of both projects, with lots of pics.


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Lots of various things, for my polar hut and for selling in my Etsy shop.


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I've been working on furnishing my miniature polar explorers' hut, and some other things.  I've also been featured in a magazine!


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Here are some miniatures that I didn't get around to posting a while ago, plus some new acquisitions!


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I haven't entirely finished the sick bay, but I decided to take some photographs of it today.  I'll take more when I have all of the electricity hooked up (two lanterns and an oil lamp.)  I've almost made some more bottles of specimens (some of which are available at my Etsy).  And I was given a pair of "live" specimens by my friend [personal profile] latin_cat , so I took some pictures of them investigating their new surroundings.


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I have at long last finished a set of specimens in jars, some to keep for Stephen's dispensary (though not for dispensing purpose, I hope) and the rest for Etsy.  

I also finished another batch of mini books.  I'm much more efficient now that I know what I'm doing.  It's nice to know what I'm doing.

No commentary, just pictures.

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I have more or less finished Stephen Maturin's dispensary!  There are still a few things I need to make and add, but I'm ready to reveal pictures.

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A couple of days ago I was on the front page of Etsy!  At least, some of my miniature apothecary bottles were.  (First column, third row down.)  Amazing!  They sold quickly, and then I got several messages from other people who wanted to buy some, so I whipped up some new ones.  I feel really undeservedly lucky in my Etsy endeavor.  But I've just had my first repeat customer, so that's great!  I'm so glad people like my things.

Also, I forgot to mention that recently my miniature books were featured on Fluffy Bricks!  Thank you, longlongwaytogo!  I feel special and famous!

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My mini dispensary is, I think, structurally finished now!

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I'm mini-spamming because I'm mini-crafting quite a lot lately.  Here are just a couple of Jackish pictures, primarily to show off the new inkwell and quill I made for him.


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I have been making more miniature books, and I have also sold some to my first customer!  I made a set of six which have found their new home in a hobbit house.  It makes me happy to think that Bilbo and Frodo Baggins will be reading my tiny books.  

And I've also finally set up an Etsy store!  My store is called honeyandbee, and I am selling many things similar to what I make for my own miniature Jack and Stephen.  Some are indeed prototypes of things I've made for them (such as the pocket watch, some of the messy bottles, and the dirty well-worn ledger.)

So, on to pictures!


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I've been making a ton of miniature books, filling up the bookcase that I recently made for Stephen's dispensary.  They're made with real leather and hand-marbled papers, and some have gold tooling in the labels.  They don't open, though.  They simply grace the shelves.  Or the floor, or any other surface requiring a book.

I might consider making and selling some more.  

And in case you ask, I get the leather and marbled papers from the place where I work.  I don't know where one would get such materials by retail though.

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There was good lighting today, so I decided to take some daylight pictures of the cabin.  After all, its not always night time with music and candlelight.

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linked at [ profile] doll_houses  and [ profile] little_world .
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I made a bookcase for Stephen's dispensary (which features so prominently in the "Sir!  Sir, it's Mister Hollom!" scene and elsewhere...  What, you've never noticed it?) as well as a random jar of marmalade for him to breakfast upon.

I also adapted an old shelf/dresser thing that I've had since childhood in my old dollhouse, but I never quite liked it.  However, I found that it fits perfectly in the low-ceilinged sick bay, so I decided to use it there with some adaptations.  I think it just may be the only thing that comes from my original collection of miniatures!  Mostly because none of those things are good enough for Jack and Stephen.


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Structurally, the miniature great cabin is finished!  Only structurally, mind.  It is also furnished and somewhat adorned and fully electrified, but I'm sure it will always be a work in progress.  It will never be officially FINISHED, of course.  And while I'm still working on the sick bay below, I'll have to keep unplugging it and taking all the furniture and accessories out so I can move it around, so I haven't even really had a chance to lay out all the little things - sextant, books, bicorn, sheet music, maps...  I did do a mini photo shoot though, with some of the things in place.  So take a peek!

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linked at [ profile] little_world  and [ profile] doll_houses .  Oh all right, and [ profile] hms_surprise  and [ profile] perfect_duet  and [ profile] anything_aos and the Gunroom, because lots of comments make me happy.

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I made mini cabinets for the great cabin.  They go high on the wall next to the stern windows.  I also glazed the windows, at last.  I made the cabinets from scratch!  I think I'm getting pretty good at making functional pieces from scratch.  Soon I'll be able to make Stephen's "object" and his apothecary case.


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Three subjects - glassware, china and paneling.


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mini china

Jan. 25th, 2009 04:06 pm
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Yes, I know I've been spending money like a banshee (because you know how banshees like to spend that money) and moaning about being broke...  But I have never ever known the British pound to be this low compared to the US dollar (£1 = $1.35 !!!!!!!!!!  WHAT?!) and so, I have finally ordered some pieces of miniature china that I have been wanting FOREVER, before the poor pound can recover (or before the dollar can sink, or whatever's going on there.)  They're from the amazing Stokesay Ware.

Thanks, Britain!  You know I love you.  Good luck with your economy, but, um, not until my order has been processed.


I didn't order the whole tea set - there's also a gorgeous dinner service - I only got 2 cups and saucers, 2 side plates, and a bowl.  I'll set my table as if Jack and Stephen have just finished dinner and they're having coffee with their dessert, or something.  (I already have a fine silver coffee pot.)  Or maybe they're having breakfast, and then I could get a fancy toast rack...
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I just stumbled upon the most amazing website that's all one lady's collection of doll houses that she's made and filled - Mary's Dollhouses.  And I mean it when I say the pictures are breathtaking!!!  (Of course, having really good photography goes a long way to help, as pictured here.  The same room photographed with a flash would still look awesome, but not as amazingly realistic.)  I love this description (written by her husband):

Her interest is mainly in the furniture. She scratch-builds everything from basswood, using photographs or drawings from books and old catalogs as a guide. Fixtures and knobs are selected from her drawers full of thousands of scraps of cheap jewelry bought at flea markets. She makes pottery, her dolls' heads, and all the food in her kitchens and the fully stocked bakeshop, from Sculpy or Fimo brand clay!

Wow, just jaw-dropping wonderfulness.

Also, I'm so excited because, with the British pound being so low in relation to the dollar (and it's about time!!!) I just ordered a bunch of tiny chemical glassware from British artisan Ray Storey.  Just look at his things!  They're brilliant!!!!!!  (Click picture for bigger image.)

 And I talked to him on the phone just to make sure my order had gone through - I was confused because it wasn't showing up on my credit card yet - and he was just about to make my cobalt blue poison bottle.  He was so nice, and he lives near Newcastle so we chatted about that, and his son went to the same uni as me.  I also asked if he ever makes carboys (big stock chemical bottles - like what Stephen kept his main laudanum supply in, down in the hold) and he said yes, he does, so he's going to make me one.  I'M SO EXCITED!  I've wanted one forever.  And I've wanted to order things from him forever.  And he's going to make a carboy from scratch for me!  And also, he has brown bottles which nobody else has - at least, not that's suitable for me - and I like the look of brown for chemical/medical bottles.  So he's going to give me a mix of clear and brown ones.  YAY!

Randomly, if you haven't noticed, I LOVE miniature bottles.  I'm a little jealous of people who do witch and wizard miniatures and get to use bottles - jealous in a possessive "that's not fair, all bottles belong to ME" sense.  And watching "Merlin" and especially "Perfume" really made me want to make miniature rooms with bottles.  And of course I'm infatuated with Stephen's dispensary, which was the whole reason I started my M&C miniatures at all.  At first it was ONLY going to be a dispensary.  But Ray Storey has all these chemical utensils and stuff that wouldn't really fit in Stephen's world - he's a physician, not an experimenting scientist.  But that arc lamp really makes me want to make a miniature Enlightenment era lab, like for Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier or Sir Humphry Davy.  <3
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Miniatures!  I haven't posted any in ages, but I've still been collecting and making.  In today's showcase, my current pièce de resistance is a Baker rifle for a certain special [ profile] sharpiefan , a late birthday and I-appreciate-all-that-you-do and you-should-really-get-into-miniatures present, which she will be receiving soon!  Also, a flintlock pistol, sextant, yet another bottle, another bone saw and forceps, a silver coffee pot and silver cutlery set.


These are all things that I bought.  I didn't make them from scratch!  I just adapted some of them after taking these first pictures.

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I've just been informed by a friendly visitor Josje that my Aubrey-Maturin miniatures are featured on her blog, Josje's Poppenhuis!!!  Her blog is so beautiful and full of such wonderful pictures that I feel humbled to be mentioned there so kindly! 

Dank u zeer, Josje!

PS - I love the word Poppenhuis.

Last night I dreamed about dollhouses, which is rather unusual.  I dreamed I was trying to finish the construction of an attic room with impossible angles and mitering and bits of molding that wouldn't quite fit, and pieces that kept falling off before the glue was dry, and argh!  It was so realistic.
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I'm famous!  Regarde!  Mini Rivoli, aka [profile] claireric wrote a lovely post on my Aubrey-Maturin miniatures in her blog.  I'm her featured miniaturist of the month!  And reading about my minis in French is just so... lovely. 

But LOL, clicking on the instant Yahoo Babelfish translator at the bottom gives a really funny translation.  For example:

Grace Poppy tient un journal sur la fabrication des vitrines qu'elle réalise d'après le film "Master and Commander" : il y a la cabine, le bureau et la "cellule de sommeil" du docteur Stephen Maturin -  médecin-chirurgien de la marine anglaise de l'aube du XIXe siècle...
My rough translation:
Grace Poppy has a journal about the creation of display boxes she makes based on the film "Master and Commander":  there's the cabin, the study, and the "sleep cell" of doctor Stephen Maturin - physician-surgeon in the English navy at the dawn of the 19th century...
Yahoo Babelfish:
Grace Poppy holds a newspaper on the manufacture of the windows which it builds according to the film “Master and Commander”: it there with the cabin, the office and the “cell of sleep” of Doctor Stephen Maturin - doctor-surgeon of the English of the paddle of the XIXe century...
ETA:  I was wondering where the word "navy" went in that babelfish translation, since he's supposed to be in the marine anglaise, but it simply says that he's a doctor-surgeon of the English.  Then I realized it was in the part of the paragraph I left out.  Where the original ends with:
...Stephen Maturin - médecin-chirurgien de la marine anglaise de l'aube du XIXe siècle, autrement dit également entomologiste, zoologiste, dessinateur et humaniste.
the full translation should say:
...Stephen Maturin - doctor-surgeon of the English of the paddle of the XIXe century, in other words also entomologist, zoologist, draughtsman and humanistic navy.
Such an admirable navy!!!!  Just the sort of navy that Stephen would belong to!  They probably even paddle their boats facing their destination!  They sail past inestimable prizes bent solely on enlightenment and furthering the study of natural history.
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Oh my goodness, I was only just today reading about Jack's new silver cheese warmer, and then I looked at today's new items on my favorite SP Miniatures, and they have a new silver cheese warmer!!!

For only $345!  Buy it for me right now.

It looks similar to the one in the movie (Master and Commander, I mean), but actually the one in the book is heated with a spirit lamp, and this one is heated with hot water in the space below the little trays and then held over a fire.  Actually, come to think of it, Jack's cheese pan sounds kind of like a raclette - the cooking apparatus, I mean, not the cheese.
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I found the missing cello bridge.  It was only inches away from where it got lost on the sofa, lying there in plain view, even though I'd looked ALL over the sofa and the cushions and the slipcover.  I don't know where it's been all this time.  Hmph.
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I posted the violin a while ago, and I also recently got a cello.  But I decided they were both a bit wrong, so I redid them Dr. Frankenstein style.

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ARGH!  I've been adapting a mini cello for mini Stephen, and I finally had the bridge just right.  But I looked over to pick up something, and the bridge DISAPPEARED.  It was on a board in my lap, and then it was GONE.


ETA:  I ended up just making a new one.  But ARGH.  I
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I made a miniature sea chest for Stephen.  From scratch! 


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For your amusement, here are some other random miniatures that I'm currently in love with.  They're not going anywhere though (they're flightless), so I'll probably buy them later when the time is right.

Fancy silver toast rack from Kerbey Lane Miniatures.  "I smell coffee, toast!"

Coping saw from Kerbey Lane Miniatures (again with the saws!  Why do I LOVE these bone saws?  Plus I'm so enamored with my own little bone saw.  And when my local dollhouse store closed, I bought nearly all of their saws so I could distress them and reshape them and maybe sell them in surgical sets, maybe, eventually... plus lots and lots of little knives too.)

Sterling silver tweezers by Taller Targioni

I revere Taller Targioni, but nearly everything they make is out of my price range.  These are one thing that I could afford, and it would be lovely just to have one of their items in my collection.  (Other items I love - the pistol in a box, the various mineral and butterfly cabinets (I keep imagining that I want to make a Joseph Blaine roombox, or wealthy-Stephen's-house-of-dreams naturalist abode...) and this wash stand is almost exactly like something movie!Stephen has in his dispensary with the microscope sitting on it (oddly enough).  (Can you tell that I have obsessively pored over screencaps to identify every article in that room?)  And perhaps best of all - or competing with the butterfly cabinets - I adore this simple, beautiful, perfect chair.  I adore its simplicity and cleanness. 

Cristina Noriega is the miniaturist I most admire, I think, and then probably Taller Targioni second.  But then, Cristina's things are so very  expensive and superb that it's almost like she's a one-of-a-kind artist and not a seller, to me.  She's amazing!  So if Taller Targioni is my favorite seller, then Nantasy Fantasy is close second.  They made my fabulous scales, and I'm very proud to own them.  I also love their very fine sextant!  But at $167, heh, that's just wishfulness.  There are much less expensive sextants around, and I'll be perfectly happy with one of them, truly.  And now this wish list is drifting away from the probable and possible into the wishful.

But while we're there...

Anyone got a spare $610 for Killick?
I love SP Miniatures.  (Remember them, [personal profile] alto2? :D)  Maybe I can get it engraved to say that the Lively preserves the liveliest remembrance.

ETA:  I almost forgot, this cello by Heidi Ott.  It's the most accurate 1:12 cello I've found (so many claim to be 1:12 but are really much too big), so I plan on getting it as soon as the great cabin is ready for it.

ETA again:  Forgot something else!  Also from SP Miniatures!  New!  Beautiful glass carboys (demijohns) which can be filled with laudanum.

There's even another miniaturist who makes wicker coverings for them!  But they're really expensive.  I'll be happy with a plain carboy.  Maybe in amber.  Or green.  Hmm.
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There's a seller on ebay, ulusminiaturas, that sells the most remarkable miniature tools and commonplace metal objects - battered kettles, measuring tapes...  They're just extremely, remarkably detailed, real works of art.  And every now and then they'll post one of these, and I just drool.  As I was looking at it just now, I realized that I was speaking aloud and saying "Beauuuutiful hacksaw.  That's just gorgeous."  (Think of whipping off a leg with that!)

Be still, my beating heart...!