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Honey and Bee ([personal profile] nid_dabeille) wrote2013-11-23 09:46 pm

outer walls and some roofing

 I've finished my outer walls and almost finished thatching my roof!  And I made a box bed.


First, the bed.  Box beds were popular because they were good at holding in warmth.  Also, with the family all living in just one or two rooms together, the box bed gave a bit of privacy.

I made the frame out of extra dollhouse kit pieces (for a loft that I didn't make in my cottage) and old wooden slats that I got at the Architectural Salvage shop, same as the dividing wall.  I think they were big Venetian blinds.

I made it so the top could lift off so I can get access to the mattress.  I may decide to add more blankets and bedding later.

And now, stonework in progress:

And stonework finished!  I'm glad it's done, but in a way, I miss it too.  It was fun.  But I'm glad it wasn't a huge castle or something.  A little cottage is just right.  It took me ages to collect all those stones.

Next step was thatching, which is much faster but very messy and a bit harder to get the hang of.

Here the thatching is almost done, but it still needs a really good haircut.

Ok, now I've actually finished thatching.  I regret not using tons more glue.  I'm going to be cleaning up a shedding dollhouse for years to come.