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Three subjects - glassware, china and paneling.


The glassware comes from Ray Storey Lighting in the UK.  They're actually a little larger than I expected, but it's lovely stuff.  The blue one is a poison bottle - or at least, a bottle for things like ammonia that aren't meant to be taken internally.  They often would put things like that in bottles that were differentiated by color and/or shape or markings, like ridges or bumps that they could feel in the dark to avoid mistakes.

I think the mortar and pestle are my favorite.

And while they're waiting for their permanent home in Stephen's sick bay or dispensary, they're living on the bookshelf.  With the sheep.

This china by Stokesay Ware is beyond amazing.  I can't describe how incredible it is to see in person, and the pictures don't do it justice.  It is just so incredibly beautiful and perfect and tiny.  So tiny.  Well worth the price for how very fine it is.  I can't tell you how remarkable it is.  It makes my heart skip a beat.  And the blue and the gold and even the creamy white are just... beautiful.  Flawless. 

From their website:  Dating from approximately 1830, this tea set matches our Sovereign blue dinner service. Hand made in fine bone china, it is decorated with a blue enamel border and 22k gold rims and swags, all permanently fired on in the kiln.  (Yes, I know 1830 is a bit later than my things, but it's my favorite china.  So beautiful.)

The rare times I acquire fabulous expensive miniatures (such as this china, or my amazing Nantasy Fantasy scales), it still makes me shake my head in wonder at the people who can load up a whole dollhouse with the things, chock-a-block.  I wonder if they realize what treasures they are?  Or if they just think, "Oh, I should get some china for the dining room scene, I'll pick that, it looks nice."  I have to admit, sometimes it irritates me when I see a room with something like a fabulous €200 Taller Targioni cabinet just stuck in the corner in a room crammed full of other distracting things.  The room should be built AROUND that cabinet to showcase it!  It's not just a add-on extra!  Sigh.  Oh well.

I finally made the paneling for the great cabin.  I think it turned out very nicely.  I didn't like the way the tapewire was showing through the paint, being bumpy (and, I think, unadhered), so I made new wall coverings out of card stock and worked from there.  Plus I didn't like the machine-cut look of the wood texture.  So I covered it up.

The brass eyelets are where a light will plug in.  And the square cut-out next to them is where the stern locker will go.  In fact, it has since then been glued into place, which was quite a commitment for me!  I still haven't glued the windows in place though.  I'm not quite ready to give up that back entry into the room.  But I'm almost ready.  And then, the cabin itself will be structurally finished!  Or no, no it won't.  I still have to make a cabinet that will hang from the wall just above that slanted panel.

And this is the, uh... starboard side, looking aft.

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