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I was thinking on miniature shops - I mean, dollhouses that are shops.  So many people make shops, and I was looking at a rather nice radio shop in miniature, and I suddenly thought, "I should make a shop!  But what kind of shop?" 

The first thing that popped into my head?  The shop for anarchy.

I can see it now... Stephen greeting customers at the door with a cheerful, "You've come to the right shop for anarchy, brother!"  I have no idea what he would sell.  Drugs, maybe.  And coffee.
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I made Stephen's desk for his dispensary! I made it from a kit (the House of Miniatures Chippendale slant front desk, the closest match I could find to what he has in the movie - did anyone else ever notice what his desk looks like in the movie, apart from me?) but I distressed and messed it up to be appropriate for life on a ship, a life being covered with bottles of chemicals and dead specimens, and life with slovenly Stephen.  (I think he dissects that fish directly on the desk top.  I bet he eats garlicked bread right off of the same surface.  Probably at the same time!)

Bigger pictures below...

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Doing research for my mini-dispensary, I keep running into this site about Lewis and Clark.  But it was only today that I discovered how extensive it is about the medicine aspect!  And it's my period too, 1803+, so I'm pleased.  I'll have to read it in depth, because it's so lovely and fascinating.

Lewis's Medicines

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Tonight I distressed miniature bottles.  Bet your evening wasn't as awesome as that.

Up next: labels on the bottles, leather covered books and a bookshelf.

ETA: And look at this miniature model of a ship's surgeon's dispensary at the NMM site!  How I squeaked with delight when I saw it!

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Tonight I made bottles out of beads.  Like a madwoman.  Like a banshee.  Because you know how those banshees love to make bottles.

And a magnifying glass.  They're not finished.  I need to add the lens, and I need to distress them all, with spilled medicine and little labels and grime and age.

I'm a tired madwoman.

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Heeheehee!  I went to the dollhouse store and the craft store and returned victorious!  I'm going to seriously begin my endeavor to build my Stephen Geeklab (as mentioned before in this post).  I bought lots of tiny random tools!  And I'll be able to jury-rig them into early 19th century surgical instruments, with the help of websites like this, Alex Peck Medical Antiques (how I loooove that site).  And with many more viewings of Master and Commander to look at Stephen's tools (like these:)
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Eeee!  I'm so excited.  Now if anyone has advice or tips or good screencaps or info, tell me!  And I still need to figure out what exactly I'm making.  Am I making the orlop?

And feel free to offer inspiration in the form of other miniature things, even if they're not exactly related - like this mini Victorian physics laboratory, or Cristina Noriega's AMAZING miniature historic medical scenes.  She's a Spanish nurse who used to make ship's models, I think.  Guh.  Her things are to DIE for!  Pleeeease look at them so you can swoon with me.

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I miss my dollhouse (it's at my parents' house, and it's rather large) and I've been pondering the idea of making a small roombox of some sort to get my miniatures fix.  Tonight I suddenly had the idea to make a miniature version of Stephen Maturin's Realm in the orlop (or wherever it is that he goes) with bottles of medicine and tiny trephines and forceps and bone saws (BONE SAWS) and ... sigh!  I've been perusing page after page of online miniatures dealers who have things I could use or, more often, adapt - even some amazing things that are perfect in their own right but which I could never justify buying.  (Like this $100 reading glass, guhhh)  And I also looked back at the miniature things I had suggested to [personal profile] esteven for her Aubrey and Maturin bears.  I still love that jar of leeches and the mortar and pestle.

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All right, what's the waistcoat preference NOW?  Sigh.  OH THE INDECISION!  And by the way, I fixed his wig, hurrah!!  It wasn't too difficult.[Poll #996599][Poll #996599]


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