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Earlier this summer, the poppets and I went to a music festival in Quebec!  Here they are listening to one of the musicians.

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The poppets and I have been away!  But at last we are back from our various adventures.  


First, some adventures in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

poppets in Michigan )

And now, some adventures in Massachusetts.

poppets in Massachusetts )
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And now for some poppet adventures in Britain.

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I've made several new poppets recently and haven't yet posted their pictures.  So here they are, all Napoleonic wars era.

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I've made a new poppet for a friend. He's a mid-18th century British marine corporal and his name is McIntyre. I love him and think he's heart-snatchingly handsome and possibly my finest poppet yet (though still imperfect).

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A brief poppet picspam.  I just got these little model ships today and couldn't resist showing them off. 

It's funny to see how CLEAN and pristine Jerrold is compared to Jack, but that's because he hasn't seen any action yet.  Jack and I are rather proud of his scars, though I'm glad there's not a Killick around to nag us.  Jack's lost 80% of his gold braid, and I've given up trying to glue it back on.

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My latest poppets are Lt. Martin Jerrold and Isobel Dawson from The Reluctant Adventures of Martin Jerrold series by Edwin Thomas.

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Jan. 10th, 2010 01:32 pm
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I've suddenly become obsessed with making miniature bonnets.  Here is one.

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My poppet of Elizabeth Bennet received a brown velvet bonnet as a Christmas present, made by me.  Actually it was a gift to Lizzy's owner, but it fit the poppet better than it fit her.

I'm rather pleased with my bonnet making of late!

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My newest pair of poppets, a Christmas gift for a friend.  Meet Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy!

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General Sir Arthur Wellesley, Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington, who of course belongs now and always to [personal profile] latin_cat .

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It's a poppet picspam and travelogue from Jack and Stephen, from their time in Kent visiting poppet friends Cotton and Maggie.

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I've made some new poppets for my friend sharpiefan!  And I think they might be my best yet.  Of course Jack and Stephen will always be my favorites, but I'm very enamored with this pair.  I could easily get addicted to making poppets...

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Aug. 16th, 2009 12:06 am
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I'm making some new poppets for a friend, and it reminded me that there were some Jack and Stephen poppet pictures I never posted after my Alaska trip, showing all the wear and tear they'd been through and their happy reunion with their wives.  Also, my niece made up a song about them when I stopped in California on my way home, and I have a video of her singing it.

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The last time we heard from Jack and Stephen, they were visiting the north pole (or close to it), having tried unsuccessfully to catch a ride with passing Eskimos in their umiak.  So they had to search for other ways to get home, having had enough of the cold and wanting to go home to their sweethearts.

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Or about as close as they're going to get for a good long while.  The north pole, that is.

When last we heard from our poppets, they were journeying through the arctic tundra, overcoming great obstacles...

And now, they journey well into the arctic, up above even the arctic circle where no poppet has gone before.

Facing great perils!!!

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The last time we heard from the poppets, they were in California meeting Captain Bob and his charming wife Rose.  Well, after riding on the back of a dolphin for a while, they found a suitable ship to take them north. 

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Jack and Stephen are on the move again, this time traveling with me to California.  They met a very gracious hostess - two, actually.  One my niece Amelia, and the other a small porcelain lady named Rose.

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Pictures of my Jack and Stephen poppets, lovingly posed by [personal profile] des_pudels_kern.

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(LJ is being really slow and weird!  Here's the second try at this post...)

I picked up my roombox(es) yesterday!  They were custom built to my specifications, yay.  It's one unit with two rooms, one above for the captain's cabin, and one below for the surgeon's dispensary/sick bay.  The back panel for the captain's cabin isn't attached, so I can adapt it and add windows later (when I figure out how exactly I want to do that.)

I haven't even started doing anything to them.  I think I'm going to stain the outside, so it will look like an apothecary chest, and put a brass handle on top for carrying.  But I'm so excited and ADD about it that I'm paralyzed with the inability to start!!!

Here are pictures.  The Plexi covering-film hasn't been peeled off yet.  I'll wait till after painting and all.

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linked at [profile] doll_houses .
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Say, [personal profile] esteven, did your bears ever get their cello and violin, respectively?  I've been looking on ebay at dollhouse sized ones...  Did you see the amazing $400 violin for a dollhouse that I linked to last week?  It's incredible.  I certainly couldn't make such an exquisite tiny violin for $400.  (Though the bow is kind of funny looking.  But many of the miniature bows are, I'm finding.)  But they're all so CUTE!  I can't wait to get my own and hold them in my hands.  I've always had a funny kind of enamored-ness (is there a noun in there somewhere?) with musical instruments as physical objects, especially the stringed ones.  I have a similar enamored-ness with toe shoes as objects.  And opera singers' throats as objects.  (Just kidding about that one.  Yeah...)  Anyway, I think I might get this cello off of ebay.

You know, I think it's actually my poppets who are whispering these things to me, about making these roomboxes and buying musical instruments and the like!!!  Here I was thinking all along, "No, nobody's going to inhabit these little spaces.  That just wouldn't be quite right.  I'll just furnish and decorate them as if the people have just stepped out for a moment."  But I think my poppets are planning to sneak in there at night and live it up, dissecting little fish or eating weevil-infested hard tack - and now they want MUSIC too!  How did I never suspect this before???

And if that's the case, then who's been whispering to me to buy miniature silver...?  *looks around uneasily for a poppet Killick*  And what are Sophie and Diana poppets going to demand?
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Jack and Stephen (and Sarah and I) just got back from a lovely trip.  The highlights were the big huge historic Biltmore House and estate, and hiking to lots of waterfalls (lots being 3 or 4 or 7 or something.)  The boys had never had a vacation before, and they were SO excited!  They got rather dirty and bruised, and Jack lost a little gold braid, but ehh, that's inevitable.  And it made me glad that I'd never gotten around to making Stephen a proper waistcoat.  Proper clothes just don't suit his naturalist habits.

Travelogue with Finest Illustrations )
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All right, what's the waistcoat preference NOW?  Sigh.  OH THE INDECISION!  And by the way, I fixed his wig, hurrah!!  It wasn't too difficult.[Poll #996599][Poll #996599]
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Remember my cat I was mentioning in a previous post, who likes to mess with things and knock things off of the desk?  Only minutes after posting that, I noticed that Surprise Stephen's wig was missing.  It had been on a high shelf that the cat had never taken interest in before, never!  So I had thought it was safe.  But no.

After doing a whirlwind cleaning job to try to find it, I finally tracked it down under the scratching post.

I would think it was funny and Stephenish - if it hadn't taken me something like 6-8 hours to make the little thing.

Tomorrow, I'll set up the Scat Mat on the desk.  This is the last straw!

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May. 23rd, 2007 08:18 pm
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I finished my Surprise Family!  (Jack, Stephen, Sophie, Diana.)

Disclaimer:  I did not make the bodies.  I just dressed and adorned them They're just standard little wooden manikins.  (Where did the spelling "manikin" come from?  What happened to "mannequin"?  Anyway, these are called 4 1/2" wood "manikins.")  (My art supply store was having a huge going-out-of-business sale, and they were only $2.50 each!  How could I resist???)


ETA:  As a joke, I made Stephen a temporary wig out of my cat's fur, but when I tried to photograph him wearing it, the cats became very interested.  In fact, Nemo ended up carrying it off in his mouth and destroying it.  I didn't mind.

Fur wig )

For more pictures (including closeups of the fabulous wigs, and Stephen wigless and also with his messy!wig, see my photobucket album.  Do it!!!
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"That head of yours will have to come off.  I don't know how, and I don't know precisely how it is attached, but come off it must."

A conversation I had last night with one of my newest CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS!  YES!  I now have Jack 'n Stephen Christmas ornaments!!

There were also many other conversations of a similar nature like:

"Jack, you must hold your arm still.  You must not use your arm.  Jack!  I NEED you to hold your arm still!  You will do very well, but you must not move your arm!"

"Now Maturin, you must not use your leg for a while.  I don't want you to put any weight on it, do you understand?  Now you just lie there and get better, all right?  Jack will keep you company while he rests his arm."

"Oh Maturin, look at you!  What have you done to your clean white shirt?  How did you get that spot there?  I just cleaned it!"

as well as the more ominous:

"Oh I'm sorry Jack.  I'm sorry Jack.  Oh I'm so sorry, I'm sorry!"

And now for the picspam!  First, I bought two Christmas ornaments that seemed most suitable for adaptation.  They were cute in their own right, but I wanted Jack'n Stephen.

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