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I haven't entirely finished the sick bay, but I decided to take some photographs of it today.  I'll take more when I have all of the electricity hooked up (two lanterns and an oil lamp.)  I've almost made some more bottles of specimens (some of which are available at my Etsy).  And I was given a pair of "live" specimens by my friend [personal profile] latin_cat , so I took some pictures of them investigating their new surroundings.


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I just stumbled upon the most amazing website that's all one lady's collection of doll houses that she's made and filled - Mary's Dollhouses.  And I mean it when I say the pictures are breathtaking!!!  (Of course, having really good photography goes a long way to help, as pictured here.  The same room photographed with a flash would still look awesome, but not as amazingly realistic.)  I love this description (written by her husband):

Her interest is mainly in the furniture. She scratch-builds everything from basswood, using photographs or drawings from books and old catalogs as a guide. Fixtures and knobs are selected from her drawers full of thousands of scraps of cheap jewelry bought at flea markets. She makes pottery, her dolls' heads, and all the food in her kitchens and the fully stocked bakeshop, from Sculpy or Fimo brand clay!

Wow, just jaw-dropping wonderfulness.

Also, I'm so excited because, with the British pound being so low in relation to the dollar (and it's about time!!!) I just ordered a bunch of tiny chemical glassware from British artisan Ray Storey.  Just look at his things!  They're brilliant!!!!!!  (Click picture for bigger image.)

 And I talked to him on the phone just to make sure my order had gone through - I was confused because it wasn't showing up on my credit card yet - and he was just about to make my cobalt blue poison bottle.  He was so nice, and he lives near Newcastle so we chatted about that, and his son went to the same uni as me.  I also asked if he ever makes carboys (big stock chemical bottles - like what Stephen kept his main laudanum supply in, down in the hold) and he said yes, he does, so he's going to make me one.  I'M SO EXCITED!  I've wanted one forever.  And I've wanted to order things from him forever.  And he's going to make a carboy from scratch for me!  And also, he has brown bottles which nobody else has - at least, not that's suitable for me - and I like the look of brown for chemical/medical bottles.  So he's going to give me a mix of clear and brown ones.  YAY!

Randomly, if you haven't noticed, I LOVE miniature bottles.  I'm a little jealous of people who do witch and wizard miniatures and get to use bottles - jealous in a possessive "that's not fair, all bottles belong to ME" sense.  And watching "Merlin" and especially "Perfume" really made me want to make miniature rooms with bottles.  And of course I'm infatuated with Stephen's dispensary, which was the whole reason I started my M&C miniatures at all.  At first it was ONLY going to be a dispensary.  But Ray Storey has all these chemical utensils and stuff that wouldn't really fit in Stephen's world - he's a physician, not an experimenting scientist.  But that arc lamp really makes me want to make a miniature Enlightenment era lab, like for Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier or Sir Humphry Davy.  <3
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I have come to realize that I love the word "tiny."  If something is described as tiny, I can't help but be attracted.  Just now I found this on ebay in the medical and scientific antiques category.
A very rare and early screw barrel microscope with ivori (sic) simple lens on ornate brass arm and 4 numbered and capped objectives. Although unsigned, it is most assuredly from a fine 18th century maker. The flared simple magnifier eyepiece, the roping of the brasswork, the capped objectives, the shaped forceps, etc. would indicate that this was a tiny gentleman's pocket/field microscope of the highest quality. The bone sliders are numbered, the caps and objectives match, there is no damage to any part of this set including the forcep tines and black/ white disc. The threads and spring of the barrel (5/8 " or 20 mm. in diameter) are flawless, as are the optics. All beads of the objectives are intact. The case too, is flawless and is composed of black sharkskin with push button closure. It measures only 118 x 58 x 26 mm. (4 5/8 x 2 3/8 x 1" high) and every space is filled! An asset to any serious collection.
Heehee, tiny gentleman.  Misplaced modifier.  But still, TINY!  (Like Stephen's tiny sneeze!)  I also like the word "little."  And doesn't that description just sound so loving? 

And speaking of ebay scientific antique instruments, look at this, nautical people:

Pretty pretty.  And I love the porte-crayon and the ruling pen.  I wonder if the ruling pen fits into the porte-crayon?  It looks like it must, and that would be handy.

ETA:  And don't miss out on your chance to own:
19 antique human glass eyes!!!!!!!
They're beautiful.  And creepy, I have to admit.
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For your amusement, here are some other random miniatures that I'm currently in love with.  They're not going anywhere though (they're flightless), so I'll probably buy them later when the time is right.

Fancy silver toast rack from Kerbey Lane Miniatures.  "I smell coffee, toast!"

Coping saw from Kerbey Lane Miniatures (again with the saws!  Why do I LOVE these bone saws?  Plus I'm so enamored with my own little bone saw.  And when my local dollhouse store closed, I bought nearly all of their saws so I could distress them and reshape them and maybe sell them in surgical sets, maybe, eventually... plus lots and lots of little knives too.)

Sterling silver tweezers by Taller Targioni

I revere Taller Targioni, but nearly everything they make is out of my price range.  These are one thing that I could afford, and it would be lovely just to have one of their items in my collection.  (Other items I love - the pistol in a box, the various mineral and butterfly cabinets (I keep imagining that I want to make a Joseph Blaine roombox, or wealthy-Stephen's-house-of-dreams naturalist abode...) and this wash stand is almost exactly like something movie!Stephen has in his dispensary with the microscope sitting on it (oddly enough).  (Can you tell that I have obsessively pored over screencaps to identify every article in that room?)  And perhaps best of all - or competing with the butterfly cabinets - I adore this simple, beautiful, perfect chair.  I adore its simplicity and cleanness. 

Cristina Noriega is the miniaturist I most admire, I think, and then probably Taller Targioni second.  But then, Cristina's things are so very  expensive and superb that it's almost like she's a one-of-a-kind artist and not a seller, to me.  She's amazing!  So if Taller Targioni is my favorite seller, then Nantasy Fantasy is close second.  They made my fabulous scales, and I'm very proud to own them.  I also love their very fine sextant!  But at $167, heh, that's just wishfulness.  There are much less expensive sextants around, and I'll be perfectly happy with one of them, truly.  And now this wish list is drifting away from the probable and possible into the wishful.

But while we're there...

Anyone got a spare $610 for Killick?
I love SP Miniatures.  (Remember them, [personal profile] alto2? :D)  Maybe I can get it engraved to say that the Lively preserves the liveliest remembrance.

ETA:  I almost forgot, this cello by Heidi Ott.  It's the most accurate 1:12 cello I've found (so many claim to be 1:12 but are really much too big), so I plan on getting it as soon as the great cabin is ready for it.

ETA again:  Forgot something else!  Also from SP Miniatures!  New!  Beautiful glass carboys (demijohns) which can be filled with laudanum.

There's even another miniaturist who makes wicker coverings for them!  But they're really expensive.  I'll be happy with a plain carboy.  Maybe in amber.  Or green.  Hmm.
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My local doll house store is closing!  I grew up there!  At least, I guess I started going there when I was about 13, and now I'm nearly 30, so it's been my store for a while.  Though there were several missing years when I went away to college.  As a teenager I used to take workshops there.  I learned how to make fimo/sculpey food, I made a wicker sofa, a gazebo, a dogwood tree...  They were so much fun.

Anyway, now it's closing because the owner's retiring, and therefore things are on SALE.  So I finally bought my scales!  My scales!  The Nantasy Fantasy scales!  Which I yearned for and loved so much, which swept me off my feet, and which I used to visit every time I was in the store!  They're mine.  No one else would have loved them like I do.  They're mine, and I will give them to the miniature invisible Dr. Maturin.  Even if they're unsuitable for life aboard a man o' war.

I also bought a beautiful table by CJ's Miniatures.  It's very simple, but it's so fine that the Bespaq things I looked at seemed chunky.  Though they were still tempting... but I find that I'm more drawn to simple things rather than the frilly fancy elegant rich Bespaq things.

And I also have a picture of my surgery table.  It was an unfinished table I bought and stained and distressed.  It was fun.  I thwacked it and gouged it, sanded edges, rubbed grime all over it, and...  ok, this may sound mad, but I cut my finger while working on it, so I dabbed blood on the table top.  It's very subtle, so you can't see it in the picture, and it's just a small spot.  But it's like my signature.  I'll spread the mini tools across it in the sickbay.  (No, there won't be an amputation scene.)  And I do know that a naval surgeon would often lash together the midshipmen's sea chests for an operating table, but in the movie of M&C they have a trestle table.  And it looks nicer in miniature than a bunch of vague sea chests.)

So here, pictures.

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Eek eek!  Look what I just got!

The thumbtack is just for scale.  And the middle item is actually a brandy decanter, not labware.  Eeek!  So so so cute!  So perfect!  The bowl and the mortar and pestle are for Stephen of course, and the decanter is for Jack.

They came from SP Miniatures, my favorite site (which I've never gotten anything from until now.)

I'm SO excited! :D  Happy Valentine's day to me!

Bigger pictures below...

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I haven't posted on my minis recently, but I've been a busy bee with my naval dispensary and great cabin roombox(es).  I've made floors, I've worked on Jack's stern windows some more, and also made more bottles.

Bigger pictures below...

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ETA:  And here's another picture of the windows with more detail. 

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Doing research for my mini-dispensary, I keep running into this site about Lewis and Clark.  But it was only today that I discovered how extensive it is about the medicine aspect!  And it's my period too, 1803+, so I'm pleased.  I'll have to read it in depth, because it's so lovely and fascinating.

Lewis's Medicines

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I keep encountering GORGEOUS miniatures that turn out to be made by Nantasy Fantasy.  For instance, the $100 magnifying glass that inspired mine, and yesterday I met in person this amazing marvelous little scale, which was $90.  Sigh...  The man really wanted to sell it to me, and he prompted me to make an offer, but I knew I'd never come anywhere near buying it.  It was so precise though - the trays really were perfectly balanced.  You could tip them up or down, and they would still balance themselves.  Remarkable.  The man said, "Well I hope some time in the future it will be in your price range."  He was a nice man, and was enthusiastic to hear about my naval surgeon dispensary.  (I don't even know if a naval surgeon would have a scale like that.  Maybe not, with the ship rocking so much.  They'd probably be too delicate an instrument...?)  And the little drawer opens, and it's the most perfect little drawer I've ever seen - not at all like the usual chunky drawers.  I've shrunk the picture so it's about actual size.

So since I keep seeing this Nantasy Fantasy everywhere, I looked up the website, and there was a special section just for miniature firearms, which of course reminded me of [personal profile] sharpiefan.  Take a look at the armory!

Oh my goodness, there's a sextant.  *clutches heart*  There's a cat o'nine tails in a bag.  There's the most exquisite violin I've ever seen for a dollhouse (at $400)... And a chronometer!  And sea charts with a case!  Haha, there's even a dead guy!

I'm going to have a heart attack now.
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Tonight I distressed miniature bottles.  Bet your evening wasn't as awesome as that.

Up next: labels on the bottles, leather covered books and a bookshelf.

ETA: And look at this miniature model of a ship's surgeon's dispensary at the NMM site!  How I squeaked with delight when I saw it!

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Tonight I made bottles out of beads.  Like a madwoman.  Like a banshee.  Because you know how those banshees love to make bottles.

And a magnifying glass.  They're not finished.  I need to add the lens, and I need to distress them all, with spilled medicine and little labels and grime and age.

I'm a tired madwoman.

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