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Jack and Stephen are on the move again, this time traveling with me to California.  They met a very gracious hostess - two, actually.  One my niece Amelia, and the other a small porcelain lady named Rose.

Rose meets "the young gentlemen," as Amelia called them.

Rose was most obliging in preparing dinner for the visitors.

Rose and Jack had the following conversation.

Jack (me):  Where's your husband?  Is he away?  Or is he dead?
Rose (Amelia):  Well first, can I ask you a question?
Jack:  Of course.
Rose:  Are you in the war?
Jack:  Yes, I'm in the navy.
Rose:  Is he in the navy? (looking at Stephen)
Jack:  Yes, he's a doctor in the navy and I'm a captain of a ship.
Rose:  Well that's good.  My husband is in the war too.  
Jack:  What does he do?  Is he a soldier?
Rose:  He's in the navy too.
Jack:  Is he a captain of a ship?
Rose:  Yes.  I think he knows you.
Jack:  Really?  What's his name?
Rose:  Joe.
Jack:  What's his last name?
Rose:  Bob.
Stephen:  Jack, do we know a Captain Bob?
Jack:  Of course!  We met Captain Bob at a party at Admiral Harte's house.
Rose:  Oh good.
Jack:  He said he had the most beautiful wife in the world.  That must be you!
Rose:  That's nice.  I think he'll be home soon.  He'll like to see you.
Jack:  Yes, I'd love to see Captain Bob again!  What's the name of his ship?
Rose:  The Bob.

Captain Bob is standing next to Stephen.

Apparently Jack and Stephen's ship had sunk at one point, and Captain Bob rescued them.  They were the only two survivors.  So Jack was distraught when Captain Bob kept falling from the top floor of the dollhouse, and he had to rush down and rescue him.

Then it was time for bed, and Rose obligingly gave the gentlemen a bath!  First Jack...

And then Stephen.

Amelia and I had this exchange.

Amelia:  Look at her!  Haha!
me:  It looks like she's going to kiss him.
Amelia:  Uh oh!  He'll say "ptewh!"
me:  Won't Capt. Bob be jealous?
Amelia:  Why?
me:  If she's kissing someone else?
Amelia:  She's not really kissing him.  But if she was going to, she'd rather kiss the other guy, Jack.
me:  Why?
Amelia:  Because he's handsome.  And Stephen has painted on hair.

Haha, poor Stephen!  She also made remarks on how short he is, shorter than Rose or Captain Bob, and even shorter than Jack!!!

Meanwhile, Natalie made a sculpey boy named Alexander, and she pronounced that he will be Jack's new son.  She is also sending along a bottle of wine for them.

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