Aug. 16th, 2009 12:06 am
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I'm making some new poppets for a friend, and it reminded me that there were some Jack and Stephen poppet pictures I never posted after my Alaska trip, showing all the wear and tear they'd been through and their happy reunion with their wives.  Also, my niece made up a song about them when I stopped in California on my way home, and I have a video of her singing it.

Wear and tear.  Poppets are soiled with surface dirt and Jack is missing approx. 50% of his gold braid.  (I did actually save it - I've had to reglue his gold braid many times - but this time I've decided to just leave it off and let him look as he will.)

My niece singing the theme song she invented for them:

Amelia:  Doggie doggie...  Are you ready now?
me:  Mm hmm.
Amelia:  Doggie doggie doggie doggie!  Kitty kitty kitty kitty!
me:  Now say it just once.
Amelia:  Hallelujah!
me:  *laughs*
Amelia:  I love you!
me:  Sing the Jack and Stephen song.
Amelia:  Jack and Stephen, Jack and Stephen, Jack and Stephen, and Stephen, and Jack!

I also forgot to show this.  I had bought a seal fur thimble in Alaska and decided it would make an amusing hat for Stephen.  My niece decided Jack should also have an amusing hat, so she found a ring he could wear as a tiara.


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