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It's a poppet picspam and travelogue from Jack and Stephen, from their time in Kent visiting poppet friends Cotton and Maggie.

Jack was particularly glad to find an enormous gun.  Enormous by poppet standards, at least.

Cotton and Maggie were a bit shy of their officer-gentleman visitors at first, especially Jack since he's a captain.  They had met them before, of course, but had never spent much time with them.  But Jack's friendly manner soon put them at ease, especially when he got Cotton to show them his rifle.  Jack loves guns of all sorts.

What's that part for again?

In addition to Cotton and Maggie, there were two very large riflemen and a marine.  Jack and Stephen were glad to make their acquaintance (though Stephen looks distracted by the garden).

Sometimes, though, their hosts just had to get away from it all to have some time alone together.  Aren't they sweet...?

This is just the sort of Kentish farm laborer's cottage that Cotton would like to bring Maggie home to some day.

"All this could be ours..."

These little poppets are obviously right at home living in Kent, which makes me happy.

Going to the chapel...

...on a windy day.  MAGGIEOHNO!!!  Maggie now has an authentic Kentish grass stain on her apron.

Next it was a trip to lovely Leeds Castle.

Peeking out at the lovely little courtyard

I think Cotton and Maggie felt like they were on their honeymoon!

And finally a visit to the dollhouse at the Tunbridge Wells museum.  Imagine living in such a grand house!!!


THE END (of the travelogue)

Now for the bonus features.

Oh, and by the way, the kind lady at the museum was the one who actually suggested posing the poppets on the balcony.  She was quite taken by their charm.


Me, introducing Stephen to some friendly turkeys (who shook his hand with their beaks)

No, he isn't devoured.  He's in my other hand now.  It was safer that way.  The turkeys loved him.

And [personal profile] sharpiefan , hostess and owner of Cotton and Maggie.

Sharpie is not as hard a taskmaster as I.  That's why Cotton and Maggie didn't end up in the hazardous sundial photo, though Jack volunteered to hold Maggie's hand.

Awwwwwww, bless.

The end!


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