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Miniatures!  I haven't posted any in ages, but I've still been collecting and making.  In today's showcase, my current pièce de resistance is a Baker rifle for a certain special [ profile] sharpiefan , a late birthday and I-appreciate-all-that-you-do and you-should-really-get-into-miniatures present, which she will be receiving soon!  Also, a flintlock pistol, sextant, yet another bottle, another bone saw and forceps, a silver coffee pot and silver cutlery set.


These are all things that I bought.  I didn't make them from scratch!  I just adapted some of them after taking these first pictures.

Here are the rifle and pistol before I started messing with them.  You know by now that I simply can't leave things alone, but I have to adapt and shape and change and paint them.  The rifle is actually a Kentucky long rifle, so it took some adaptation to turn it into a Baker rifle.



What I did to the rifle:
shortened the barrel
sanded off and flattened the butt
sanded off and changed the patch box on the butt
painted the side plate and butt plate brass
painted the stock a darker brown. 

For the pistol, I just painted the stock darker brown and painted the side plate brass.  (I hope I'm giving everything the correct name.  I don't know much about firearms at all, though I know more than I did before!)

I'm so pleased!

Tiny pistol!  And for the sextant, I just sanded and painted it a bit.

Also bought a new silver coffee pot from Warwick Miniatures.  (Pewter, not real silver.)  I love it!

And some cutlery, also from Warwick Miniatures.  It was a bit chunky though, so I got out my emery board and sandpaper and filed it down to be more delicate.  The one on the left is after I'd filed and shaped it.  The one on the right is untouched.

Another comparison.

And here's a whole set.

They are TINY.  It's hard to work on them, and hard to get the sandpaper in between those fork tines.  But I can't help being a perfectionist.  My mini Jack and Stephen will not dine with clunky cutlery.

linked at [ profile] doll_houses  and [ profile] little_world .
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