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I have been making more miniature books, and I have also sold some to my first customer!  I made a set of six which have found their new home in a hobbit house.  It makes me happy to think that Bilbo and Frodo Baggins will be reading my tiny books.  

And I've also finally set up an Etsy store!  My store is called honeyandbee, and I am selling many things similar to what I make for my own miniature Jack and Stephen.  Some are indeed prototypes of things I've made for them (such as the pocket watch, some of the messy bottles, and the dirty well-worn ledger.)

So, on to pictures!


These are the books I made for Bag End.

Their new owner was very pleased, and she said she imagines the largest one to be an atlas of Middle Earth.  I like that!  I had been imagining it to be a map book too.  Hooray!

They were cat-checked and cat-approved.

And now here are some of the little books I've put in my new Etsy shop.  Click the picture to see the Etsy page!

The same set.  I made a nearly identical large ledger book for Stephen's sick bay to be the day book for recording his patients and their treatments.  I love the way it turned out.  So messy!

Do not speak slightingly of the three-volume novel!

And another group of three.

Here is the prototype, or one of the prototypes that I've made, for Stephen Maturin's Breguet watch.  It's tiny.

I've also put up for sale some mini bones.  They look just like human bones in dollhouse scale, but they're actually mouse, shrew and bird bones that I've collected from owl castings (aka owl pellets).  So tiny and amazing!  Naturally I'm keeping some for Stephen's dispensary.

And here's a book I  made to show off the fancy gold tooling.  I made it to look like an old family photo album.

I have a few other things up, but that's enough for now.  I've been on the computer all afternoon and all evening.  Time to make miniatures!

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