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Updates of both projects, with lots of pics.


First off, I refurbished my Aubrey-Maturin roomboxes a bit because my friend and neighbor Harvey came over to film my miniatures.  He's going to make a 6-minute film about me and my miniatures.  He's a filmmaker and he does that.  Just for fun, he filmed it with a green screen out the window of the great cabin (actually just a piece of green fabric I found and draped over a board) to see if he can add some background scenery or something.  That would be pretty neat!  I'll let you all know when the film is ready.  I'm sure he'll have it online somewhere.

The electricity was the main thing I had to fiddle with.  Ugh, I've decided I hate miniature electricity.  I don't know how people can manage to consistently get all the lights in a house to turn on at the same time.  Mine always had one bulb out here, or another lamp going out there.  Then it would flicker on and a different one would go out.  Argh!  And that was even after I soldered everything I could solder.  I hate not knowing what the actual problem is.  Drives me crazy.

Here's my double roombox with my ambulance volante above and my watchmaker's cabinet below.

And here's a closeup.  You remember these, right?

And on the sickbay table I have a lovely new pottery bleeding bowl, custom made for me by miniature potter Jane Graber.  It's beautiful!  I sent her a picture of a kind of plain antique white bleeding bowl I'd found online, just as a general guideline, and she delighted me with this one that's almost an exact copy.

And now on to the polar hut.  Here it's looking a little more populated than previously, with more stuff in it.

I "made" the gramophone from a metal pencil sharpener, just adapted it's shape a bit and added wooden sides and a new paint job.

And my pièce de résistance is the stove, which is modeled on the one at Shackleton's hut at Cape Royds.  I love that real stove, and I hope I'll get to see it in person some day.

I made it from scratch out of wood, matboard and card stock.  The chimney pipe is the leg of an old metal cart I found on the side of the road, which I further rusted and distressed.  Fun stuff!

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