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I'm famous!  Regarde!  Mini Rivoli, aka [profile] claireric wrote a lovely post on my Aubrey-Maturin miniatures in her blog.  I'm her featured miniaturist of the month!  And reading about my minis in French is just so... lovely. 

But LOL, clicking on the instant Yahoo Babelfish translator at the bottom gives a really funny translation.  For example:

Grace Poppy tient un journal sur la fabrication des vitrines qu'elle réalise d'après le film "Master and Commander" : il y a la cabine, le bureau et la "cellule de sommeil" du docteur Stephen Maturin -  médecin-chirurgien de la marine anglaise de l'aube du XIXe siècle...
My rough translation:
Grace Poppy has a journal about the creation of display boxes she makes based on the film "Master and Commander":  there's the cabin, the study, and the "sleep cell" of doctor Stephen Maturin - physician-surgeon in the English navy at the dawn of the 19th century...
Yahoo Babelfish:
Grace Poppy holds a newspaper on the manufacture of the windows which it builds according to the film “Master and Commander”: it there with the cabin, the office and the “cell of sleep” of Doctor Stephen Maturin - doctor-surgeon of the English of the paddle of the XIXe century...
ETA:  I was wondering where the word "navy" went in that babelfish translation, since he's supposed to be in the marine anglaise, but it simply says that he's a doctor-surgeon of the English.  Then I realized it was in the part of the paragraph I left out.  Where the original ends with:
...Stephen Maturin - médecin-chirurgien de la marine anglaise de l'aube du XIXe siècle, autrement dit également entomologiste, zoologiste, dessinateur et humaniste.
the full translation should say:
...Stephen Maturin - doctor-surgeon of the English of the paddle of the XIXe century, in other words also entomologist, zoologist, draughtsman and humanistic navy.
Such an admirable navy!!!!  Just the sort of navy that Stephen would belong to!  They probably even paddle their boats facing their destination!  They sail past inestimable prizes bent solely on enlightenment and furthering the study of natural history.
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