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I've been making a ton of miniature books, filling up the bookcase that I recently made for Stephen's dispensary.  They're made with real leather and hand-marbled papers, and some have gold tooling in the labels.  They don't open, though.  They simply grace the shelves.  Or the floor, or any other surface requiring a book.

I might consider making and selling some more.  

And in case you ask, I get the leather and marbled papers from the place where I work.  I don't know where one would get such materials by retail though.

My cousin commented "And somehow, I think this scattered pile is just how Stephen would keep them... "

And these are some 1:6 scale ones that I made for a friend:

I also made a little shelf to sit on the top of Stephen's desk.  It will hold small books, bottles, other random things.  It was very tricky to design because I wanted it to look like the one he has in the movie, and I also had a very small, tight space for it to fit into.  I actually ended up ripping off the bottom decorative molding of his desk and redoing the ceiling beams of his dispensary, just to gain an extra 3/8" or so for this little shelf.  Pictures of all that stuff later.


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