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I was commissioned to make replicas of the Chawton Cottage table and chair where Jane Austen did much of her writing.  It was a very enjoyable endeavor!  I hope the owner will be pleased when she receives them.  I think I can say they're some of the finest things I've made. 

The front legs of the chair and the turned pedestal of the table were adapted from existing miniature turned pieces, but everything else I made from scratch.

I copied from photographs as faithfully as I could the stains, abrasions and the large crack in the tabletop.  Which was a lot of fun.  I like making things look distressed and worn!

And I discovered/invented my own method of miniature caning!  Chair caning, that is.

I love Regency dining chairs.

Yes, we are wee.

And I signed them both with my new signature stamp underneath.  My family was a furniture-making family for several generations, over 100 years, so it makes me feel like part of the family heritage, carrying on the family name, to stamp that same name on my own miniature pieces.


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Date: 2010-03-07 04:58 pm (UTC)
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Really impressive, especially the caning. I can't even imagine how you did it.


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