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I just finished my first needle felting project!  It was a kit from my friend DB.  Thanks, babe!  It was fun!

The kit was for a gray cat, but I decided to adapt it to look like my own kitty Nemorino (Nemo).


Nemo likes him.  I think he'd probably play with him and tear him apart if I'd let him.  I actually used some of Nemo's fur in it, just for fun, so he probably smells it. 

It all started when I told DB about making felted balls of the cats' fur after brushing them and cleaning out the brush over long periods of time.  Crazy, I know.  But I've since found multiple bloggers who do the same, some even dying them with kool-aid (especially for white cats) and making jewelry with them.

Nemo will attack and play with them any time he can get his paws on them, so I have to store them out of reach.  (He'll also reach his paw into the waste basket to pull out blobs of fur from the brush if I leave them uncovered, and then eat them and barf them up later.  Thanks, Nemo.)  He likes woolly things anyway, so a woolly thing that smells like himself and is kind of bouncy and rolls on the floor?  Awesome!

Little Nemo and his brethren.

He regards them with a smug complacent look upon his horsey doggish face. (Sculpture was never my forte.)

Gianni meets his tiny brother

The Nemos share an uneasy peace

...which is soon broken.

Clearly I will have to store Little Nemo up high and out of reach, along with the fur balls.

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