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I just finished my first needle felting project!  It was a kit from my friend DB.  Thanks, babe!  It was fun!

The kit was for a gray cat, but I decided to adapt it to look like my own kitty Nemorino (Nemo).


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Remember my cat I was mentioning in a previous post, who likes to mess with things and knock things off of the desk?  Only minutes after posting that, I noticed that Surprise Stephen's wig was missing.  It had been on a high shelf that the cat had never taken interest in before, never!  So I had thought it was safe.  But no.

After doing a whirlwind cleaning job to try to find it, I finally tracked it down under the scratching post.

I would think it was funny and Stephenish - if it hadn't taken me something like 6-8 hours to make the little thing.

Tomorrow, I'll set up the Scat Mat on the desk.  This is the last straw!

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May. 23rd, 2007 08:18 pm
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I finished my Surprise Family!  (Jack, Stephen, Sophie, Diana.)

Disclaimer:  I did not make the bodies.  I just dressed and adorned them They're just standard little wooden manikins.  (Where did the spelling "manikin" come from?  What happened to "mannequin"?  Anyway, these are called 4 1/2" wood "manikins.")  (My art supply store was having a huge going-out-of-business sale, and they were only $2.50 each!  How could I resist???)


ETA:  As a joke, I made Stephen a temporary wig out of my cat's fur, but when I tried to photograph him wearing it, the cats became very interested.  In fact, Nemo ended up carrying it off in his mouth and destroying it.  I didn't mind.

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For more pictures (including closeups of the fabulous wigs, and Stephen wigless and also with his messy!wig, see my photobucket album.  Do it!!!


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