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And now for some poppet adventures in Britain.

Jack and Stephen took a quick visit to Yorkshire, where they visited poppet friends Lizzy and Darcy (not pictured) and also went to Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds.

Across from the abbey was the Abbey House Museum which had a collection of dollhouses.

Then it was south to visit the Chatham Dockyards.  They saw HMS Gannet...

And learned how rope is made in the ropery.

Next their Kentish hosts Cotton and Maggie took them on a trip to Rochester Castle.  Jack wondered if it resembled Stephen's castle at home.

I think Maggie was tired by all the stairs.

Cotton and Maggie were excited to get a real house of their own.  Here they show it to another guest, Sharpe.

Sharpe was impressed by the state of Cotton's rifle.

Next, the couple took our boys on a visit to Dickens World.

After bidding Cotton and Maggie farewell, Sharpe escorted Jack and Stephen (or vice versa) to the city of Bath.  There they met up with their old friend Wellington, who was an excellent guide at the Roman baths.

Stephen had a vague recollection of "boiling himself to total relaxation, dressed in a canvas shift and lodged in a stone niche, looking Gothic" in the King's bath.  (Now renamed Stephen's Bath by me.)

Jack was alarmed any time Stephen went too close to the water or any precipice.

But help was never far away.

The boys also made the acquaintance of an elegant Roman lady, though she was quite afraid of them at first, uncertain about their magical abilities as votive dolls.

She had a fine array of cosmetics and perfumes.

The outing was an excellent chance for Wellington and Sharpe to get accustomed to each other's presence, as they will be living in close quarters from now on.

And finally, a visit to the Herschel's house, which featured a charming child- (or poppet-) friendly dollhouse.

Stephen got to enjoy a luxurious nap...

While Jack examined the music collection and Wellington explained the globe to Sharpe.

Outside in the garden, Jack and Wellington admired an astrolabe

while Sharpe accompanied or rescued Stephen on a tree-climbing adventure.

And two more pictures I forgot, from their visit to the Royal Crescent.

And then home for Jack and Stephen, and home for Sharpe and Wellington!  Farewell, friends, until we meet again!


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